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Off-Road ATV Trailers


Engineered for the Long Haul

Our off-road ATV utility trailers are engineered to handle the demands of tough hauling. They all feature a reinforced chassis, class-leading capacities, and practical features like removable tailgates and folding side panels, helping you get the job done efficiently. Discover the versatility and durability of our ATV off-road utility trailers and choose the one that fits your hauling needs. 

Pathlander™ Off-Road ATV Trailer

The Pathlander is a heavy-duty multitasking hauler with a wide range of applications. With its large box capacity, durable construction, and adaptable design, it’s the ideal choice for anyone looking for a reliable and versatile utility trailer. Whether you're clearing fall leaves, preparing firewood, moving topsoil, or making trips to the hunt camp, this is a trailer you'll never want to unhook.


Payload Capacity:
1000 lb (454 kg)

Assembled Weight:
304 lb (138 kg)

Box Volume:
21 cu ft (0.8 cu yd)

Box Dimensions (LWH):
53" x 48" x 19"

Multilander™ Off-Road ATV Trailer

The redesigned Multilander™ features a 3-mode design allowing for quick conversion from dump box to side-loading and rear-loading configurations. The unique lift and lock folding side panels let you easily convert to log loading mode, which is made effortless with the onboard log-loading ramps and adaptable winch assembly. With its laminated Twin Rail chassis, tandem walking beam axles, and structurally reinforced utility box, it can handle an impressive 2000 lb (907 kg) payload.


Payload Capacity:
2000 lb (907 kg)

Assembled Weight:
685 lb (311 kg)

2 .5” Steel Tube Twin Rail Platform

Box Dimensions (LWH):
80” (2032 mm) x 44” (1117.6 mm) x 19” (482.6 mm)