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    The sawyer favourite HM126 Woodlander™ mobile sawmill just got even better. Perfect for hobby sawyers, entrepreneurs or seasoned woodworkers. The HM126 Woodlander adds new features like the RapidChange™ blade system, auto lube, an operation hour meter, wider cut capability and much more while remaining one of the best valued portable sawmills in the industry. Packaged with the Woodlander trailer for multi-terrain transportation, comfortable operation height and easy storage.


    The Woodlander trailer is available in two cut lengths: Standard -10’ 5″ (3.1m) and XL - 16’ 11” (5.1m).
    Additional extensions cannot be added to the XL trailers.

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    The sawyer favourite HM126 Woodlander™ Portable Sawmill just got even better. Cut your own lumber for cabins, decks, siding and more. Perfect for hobby sawyers, entrepreneurs or seasoned woodworkers. The HM126 Woodlander can cut 26" (66cm) diameter logs, producing boards up to 24” (61cm) wide and up to 16' 11" (5.1m) long with the XL trailer and 10’ 5” (3.1m) long with the standard trailer. Constructed using a 4 post saw head design with a tubular back beam that provides the ultimate rigidity ensuring smooth and accurate cuts. The head moves up and down along galvanized steel posts via an easy to turn hand crank system. Powered by a reliable 9.5HP or 14HP 4-cycle Kohler gas engine options. The HM126 is loaded with new and innovative features like the automatic blade lubricant system that activates when the throttle is engaged reducing the number of steps required for each cut and the RapidChange™ blade system makes for quick and tool-less blade changes. The HM126 portable sawmill is accurate, smooth and engineered to be the best value in its class. Packaged with the Woodlander trailer for multi-terrain transportation, comfortable operation height and easy storage.


    The HM126 Woodlander will cut 26" (66cm) diameter logs and is capable of milling live edge boards up to 24” (61cm). Cut logs 10’ 5” (3.1m) long with the standard track & trailer configuration. Upgrade to the Woodlander XL and cut logs 16’11” (5.1m) in length. It can also skim veneers at as thin as 1/16" (2mm). The HM126 will cut within 1" (25mm) of the deck ensuring you maximize your usable board foot output.


    Powered by a reliable 9.5HP or 14HP recoil start 4-cycle Kohler gas/petrol engine. Featuring a slant cylinder design with a cast iron cylinder bore and an overhead valve for easy access. The Quad-Clean 4-stage air filtration system ensures only clean air enters the engine for maximum power and life of the engine. Attached to the engine is an industrial centrifugal clutch system for easy gas-and-go operation. Backed by a 3-year Kohler commercial warranty.


    The HM126 sawmill head rolls along a rigid 2.5″ x 4″ (63mm x 101mm) “L” channel which is cross supported with a heavy-duty 3″ x 6″ (76mm x 152mm) rectangle tube. These cross supports ensure the weight of the log is dispersed over a large bearing surface to avoid marking the log with indentation and to provide additional rigidity to the track system. The track also features a simple adjustable quick lock log clamp to securely hold the log while milling. The track system is mated to the trailer frame which features 1/4” (6mm) thick laser cut bent side plates and tubular cross supports that work together to create an extremely rigid chassis. The track supports 10’ 5” (3.1m) log lengths or upgrade to the Woodlander XL to cut logs up to 16’11” (5.1m) long.


    Super precise and consistent control. Simply push the handle in and rotate through 16 locking locations to move the sawhead up or down. Coupled with an acme lead screw, you’ll get super accurate adjustments within 1/64” accuracy. Traditional magnetic log scale rulers are also included to line up your cuts.


    Keep the guides close to the wood being cut and reduce blade wander. The Auto Locking Adjustable Blade Guide is constructed using stainless steel v-rollers and a matched machined aluminum arm making it a premium system over traditional adjustable blade guides. It comes standard on the 14HP HM126 and can be purchased as an optional accessory with the 9.5HP model.


    The throttle handle engages the engine RPM, saw blade and auto lube system simultaneously. This system makes the process of cutting lumber quick and efficient and reduces the number of steps required by the operator. The throttle handle position can also be adjusted for comfort depending on track height.


    Exclusive to Woodland Mills is the RapidChange™ blade system. This is a tool-less approach for changing blades quickly and reduces the amount of blade tracking adjustments between blade changes. A stack of Belleville washers act as a shock absorber for the blade while giving consistent blade tension in all temperatures ensuring less stress on your blades.


    The HM126 utilizes 1.25″ x 144″ x 0.042″ (32mm x 3660mm x 1.0mm) hardened tipped blades which are available through Woodland Mills. Blade kerf is kept to a minimum at just .080″ (2mm) to maximize the most amount of lumber per log.


    Constructed with laser cut bent plates and tubular cross supports, the chassis becomes quite rigid as it unites with the sawmill track system to complete a box style structured chassis. It features a galvanized steel frame, torsion axle suspension system and Department of Transportation (DOT) approved tires. LED light kit (stop, turn, tail, side markers and licence plate light), safety chains and a 2” (50mm) ball receiver also come standard with the trailer. 4 levelling jacks enable quick and stable setup on uneven ground. A sawmill head locking kit (locks the head to the trailer for transport) is included in the trailer package. The Woodlander trailer is available in two lengths. An optional log loading ramp kit is also available for the Woodlander, allowing you to load logs without the need for additional equipment.


    At Woodland Mills, we put our customers first. If you have a question about a product you purchased, you can contact us at 1-855-476-6455. The HM126 Woodlander is backed by a 2-year manufacturer's warranty excluding wearing parts (belts, blades, bearings & cosmetic damage). A 3-year Kohler commercial small engine warranty is honoured through any Kohler small engine dealer.


    Sold as an off-road package. Road safety components are included to aid in the registration as a home-built trailer in your jurisdiction. Every province, state and country have different requirements and it is recommended to check with your region requirements.


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