Sawyer Showcase: Celebrating our Female Sawyers

Sawyer Showcase:

Celebrating our Female Sawyers

As Women's History Month comes to a close, we would like to show our gratitude to the female sawyers who have been making their mark with creativity, dedication, and talent.  Thank you for your inspiring contributions to our Woodland Mills community. 

Make Time for Adventure

Diana's motto: Live life the adventurous way.  After she met her husband, Matt, they spent years exploring the world in an RV. In 2021, they bought a 40-acre wooded property in central Vermont with plans to build a home.  With lots of enthusiasm but no house-building experience between them, Diana took some training courses and received a certificate in Residential Design and Construction.  Along with her new skills and recently assembled HM126 Portable Sawmill, she milled hundreds of board feet in preparation for their future build. 

Diana loved using the HM126, so it wasn't long until she added a WC68 Wood Chipper to the team. Their new chipper allowed Diana and Matt to clean up the clearing where they plan on building their home. The directional chute makes it easy to collect the chips in builder bags to be used later as a ground covering to help keep weeds and mud at bay on their freshly made trails. You can learn more about Diana and Matt’s unique lifestyle on their appropriately named YouTube channel "Adventurous Way". 

Find the Silver Lining

When a storm fell a cedar tree on Ann’s property, she saw potential.  Together with a group of friends, Ann cleaned up the fallen tree and milled the logs on her HM126.  Ann’s son drew up plans for an aesthetic and functional firewood shed then the team got to work.  The creative arc design was a challenging addition, but worth it in the end. Ann and her trusted HM126 made a tough situation into an opportunity to spend quality time with family and friends.

Stephanie and Vicki:
Like Mother Like Daughter

For interior decorating look no further than the HM122. Stephanie was able to spruce up her office by milling some of the fallen Spruce and Pine trees from their property. She used stain to add some texture and colour contrast to her accent wall.   When her mother, Vicki, decided it was time for a change in the sitting room, she decided on a similar horizontal staggered look for her wall. This time they milled up some Cottonwood and Fir trees into 1/4" thick pieces. That's two rooms transformed, and zero banks broken. 

Don't Forget to Make Memories

For years, Diane’s had fun milling a variety of wood species on her HM122. Sometimes the ugliest logs turn out the best boards. Diane finds joy in uncovering the surprise waiting underneath the surface of each log. Not wanting to waste her collection of mismatched scraps left over from past projects, Diane decided to bring them all together and make a headboard for her guest room. Not only is the mixture of wood visually appealing, but each board also has a memory attached to it.   

The pine boards are a reminder of weekend hunting trips with family as they get some use out of their newly constructed deer stand. The black walnut is a token from the miniature table and chair made especially for her 2-year-old grandson. This unique headboard is a reminder to have fun and cherish the memories. 

Leave Your Mark

Francesca was excited when her HM130MAX was delivered. An engineer by trade, she had the mill assembled and ready to go in no time. She and her husband, Bob, love creating custom lumber for their projects; and when you find wood this beautiful, you've got to show it off. Francesca built this stunning harvest table with matching benches to upgrade their dining room. She added a few coats of polyurethane to protect the wood and help those knots really pop. Francesca's hard work paid off in a big way. She does not shy away from a challenge and encourages her daughters to find ways to leave their mark on the world.