WC68 6" PTO Wood Chipper


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    The extremely durable Woodland Mills WC68 6” (15cm) PTO drive wood chipper was designed to work in tandem with 20 to 50 HP tractors and make efficient work of converting branches and brush piles into wood chips. This wood chipper features an auto hydraulic infeed system, direct drive, a 6″ x 8″ (15 cm x 20 cm) opening and 360 degree rotating discharge chute.

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    WC68 6" PTO Wood Chipper

    Woodland Mills is pleased to offer our newly designed and exclusive 6” (15cm) PTO drive wood chipper with auto hydraulic feed. The WC68 was designed to offer acreage owners an economical and well engineered wood chipper. This is a serious wood chipper, with a huge 6” (15 cm) chipping capacity. It was built to be the best valued wood chipper in its class.


    The WC68 operates on tractors with 20-50 HP at the PTO. It utilizes a large 23” x 27” (58cm x 69cm) infeed hopper opening that tapers down to a 6” x 8” (15 cm x 20 cm) opening where the 8.25” (21cm) diameter hydraulically driven infeed roller grabs the branches and feeds them through the chipper. Branches as small as ¼”(6mm) diameter and as large as 6” (15 cm) diameter can be fed through the WC68. To chip full 6” (15cm) diameter logs at full infeed speed, tractors with over 40 HP at the PTO is required.

    Hydraulic Infeed System

    Branches are pulled into the WC68 via the large 8.25” (21cm) diameter infeed roller. The roller is hydraulically driven via the chippers self contained hydraulic system. The roller is adjustable in direction and speed making it easy to feed branches of all shapes and sizes. The hydraulic pump is belt driven from the main flywheel shaft. The roller down pressure may be adjusted via the two large springs ensuring it grabs branches and easily pulls them in, eliminating the need for manual feeding.


    The dynamically balanced 24” (61cm) diameter, 3/4” (2cm) thick solid steel flywheel runs on a 2” (5cm) diameter shaft and is supported by 2 industrial and greaseable flanged bearings. It features four CNC machined pockets to hold the reversible blades. The flywheel features four large fan blade paddles that spin at over 540 RPM.

    Chipper Blades

    The WC68 chipper utilizes four high quality hardened steel reversible chipper blades. These blades are 90 degrees apart. They can be flipped to take advantage of having two cutting edges on one blade. Each blade is held onto the flywheel with four countersunk M10 bolts and locking nuts. Changing blades can be done very quickly thanks to the clamshell flywheel housing design. Simply undo one bolt and the upper flywheel housing rotates open, providing full access to the flywheel and chipper blades.

    Folding Infeed Chute

    The infeed chute on the WC68 wood chipper has a large 23” x 27” (58 cm x 69 cm) opening, making it easy to feed branches with multiple limbs effortlessly. The infeed chute can also be folded up which decreases the footprint of the chipper during storage or transport.

    Infeed Opening

    The opening in the flywheel housing is a large 6” x 8” (15cm x 20cm) square making it quite easy to accept branches with several limbs. This reduces the need to trim your branches down before feeding them into the chipper.

    Discharge Chute

    The discharge chute was designed to rotate 360 degrees by simply rotating it with the two handles to the desired angle. This makes it possible to direct the wood chips in any direction regardless of the location of the chipper. The end of the chute stands at 66” (1.7m) off of the ground, making it quite easy to direct the wood chips into the back of a truck or trailer if desired. Located at the end of the discharge chute is a rotating deflector, which allows further control of the location of the wood chips. Simply point it straight for maximum distance or angled down to deflect the chips directly down to the ground or into a trailer.

    PTO Shaft

    Included with the WC68 chipper is the PTO shaft complete with a shear pin.


    The WC68 chipper will arrive in a steel crate and can be up and running in as little as one hour. The infeed chute and discharge chute have been removed during shipping to eliminate the possibility of damage. The chipper will require 5 gallons (20L) of ISO 32 hydraulic oil in the tank which is not included, but can be purchased at most farm or hardware stores. Lastly, attach the PTO shaft that comes included and trim it to length for your tractor as per the manual if required.


    The WC68 was designed for property owners, but built like a commercial wood chipper. It weighs in at 710 lbs (320kgs).


    The WC68 is covered by a full 3 year warranty against any manufacturing defects. If a part breaks, we simply ship you a new one from our fully stocked warehouse. Warranty parts can be shipped out same day or next day. Wearing parts such as belts, bearings and blades are not covered under our warranty.


    Shipping Weight: 825 lbs (374 kg)

    Drive System:
    Tractor PTO
    Tractor 3 Point Hitch
    Minimum HP Required (at the PTO):
    20 HP
    Maximum HP (at the PTO):
    50 HP
    Hydrualic System:
    Standard NPT Fittings & Valves
    Hydraulic Oil:
    19 L / 5 gallons of ISO 32 or ISO 46 (warmer climates)
    Hydraulic Pump:
    Belt Driven
    Flywheel Diameter/Thickness:
    24" x 3/4" thick (61cm x 2.0 cm thick)
    Flywheel Speed:
    540 RPM
    Flywheel Drive System:
    Direct Drive
    Flywheel Housing Design:
    Easy To Open Clamshell (for easy clean out and blade changes)
    Flywheel Housing Thickness:
    5/16" (8mm) Thick
    Flywheel Shaft:
    2" (50mm) Diameter
    Number of Blades:
    4 Reversible Blades
    In-feed System:
    Self Contained Hydraulic System
    In-feed Drive:
    Forward/Neutral/Reverse With Variable Speed (0-75 ft-min) / (23 m/min)
    In-feed Roller Size:
    8.25" (21cm) Chisel Tooth
    In-feed Opening:
    6" tall x 8" wide (15cm x 20cm)
    In-feed Roller Pressure:
    Adjustable via Spring Tension
    Quick Hitch Compatible:
    Cat 1 Quick Hitch
    Discharge Chute:
    360 Degree Swivel
    Chipper Base:
    Adjustable Laser Cut Plate Design
    Powder Coat Paint
    PTO Shaft:
    Shear Pin Protected PTO Shaft Included
    3 Year Parts Warranty
    Product Weight:
    710 lb [322 kg]
    Shipping Weight:
    825 lbs (374 kg)

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