Old Redding Farm

Woodlander's Words:

I loved my HM122, but it was time to move on to something bigger

John from Old Redding Farm says he was acquiring logs larger than 30 inches in diameter with no way to cut them

When we first acquired our 30-acre property in Newtown, Connecticut, I realized something: a sawmill would be the perfect addition.

After a year of research and taking in the beauty of our new home (and finally convincing my wife it was worth it), we took the plunge and got the Woodland Mills HM122. Most of the trees on our land were under 22 inches in diameter so they would fit perfectly, and the price was unbeatable.

Our mission was to mill boards and posts for fencing and build outbuildings for our alpacas, emus, and peacocks. The HM122 exceeded our expectations, delivering straight and true cuts every time, whether it was a towering oak or a petite cedar.

"I can take massive logs and transform them into whatever I need."

But the adventure didn't stop there. I dove into the world of chainsaw carving, but our oak, maple, and birch proved to be quite a challenge. That's when I struck gold by partnering with a local tree company.

They started dropping off pine logs destined for the dump—lots of them, and many were too big for the HM122. But soon enough, Woodland Mills announced the game-changing HM136MAX. While the HM122 had been a workhorse, I needed the power to tackle even bigger projects.

Normally, I'm wary about buying the first version of any new machine (like the first model year of a car), but I trusted the Woodland Mills team completely. Even if there were a few bugs to iron out, I knew their stellar customer service and top-notch manufacturing would have my back.

This new mill would empower me to mill anything my tree guy could deliver with ease. Plus, I was thrilled about the key-start feature and the impressive max log diameter to max board width. The HM122 could mill a 22-inch log but maxed out at a 17-inch board width. The HM136MAX, however, boasts a max board width of 36 inches—more than double that of the HM122.

Now, the possibilities are endless. I can take massive logs and transform them into whatever I need. A 20-inch log becomes four 8x8s for carving our signature mushrooms, or a batch of 6x12 beams for our new alpaca barn.

The HM136MAX has turned our milling dreams into a thrilling reality.


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