Save Your Woodchips


Why You Should Save Your Woodchips

It's time to rethink our relationship with woodchips and see them as a valuable resource rather than waste. By saving and repurposing the chips created by your Woodland Mills wood chipper, you can save both time and money while being good to the environment.

Mulch Instead of Weeding

Any gardener knows how much time and energy is wasted pulling unwanted weeds from the garden. Consider using woodchips as mulch for your garden this season. Not only will it cut down on the amount of weeds that need to be removed, it is also wonderful at keeping the soil moist and acting as insulation on chilly nights. As the mulch decomposes, it will enrich the soil with organic matter, giving your plants a nutrient-rich environment to thrive in.

A Treat for the Feet

Whether you are creating trails through the woods or small access paths between your garden beds, woodchips make a fantastic ground covering. The chips provide a cushioned surface to walk on while giving the paths a neat and rustic look. They will also keep your feet dry and out of the mud.

Free Animal Bedding

Woodchips can provide both the large and small animals in your care with a clean and comfortable environment to live in. The main difference between the wooden bedding that you buy and the chips you make? Yours are free! Just be sure to check that the type of trees you are chipping are safe to be around animals.

Soft Ground Cover for Playgrounds

If you are looking for a safe, low maintenance, and aesthetically pleasing ground cover for your backyard play area, look no further than your wood chipper. There is a reason that so many public playgrounds choose woodchips as their ground cover. The minimum recommendation is to lay a 12" layer. Even when wet, wood chips tend to have good traction so that your child is unlikely to slip. If they do happen to fall, the chips create a protective layer that helps to absorb the impact. It is safe, all natural, and blends harmoniously with the outdoor surrounding, creating an inviting play environment.

Speed Up Your Compost Pile

Woodchips are a fantastic addition to any compost pile and will give it the boost it needs to decompose more quickly. Incorporating wood chips creates air pockets, increasing the oxygen supply which helps it break down faster. The surface area of the wood allows for an increase of microorganisms who colonize and break down organic matter. Woodchips are a carbon-rich material making them the perfect thing to offset the nitrogen-rich materials like kitchen scraps or grass clippings which will result in a higher quality finished compost.