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The Multilander™ is a highly versatile utility dump trailer designed for off-road use with your ATV, UTV, or tractor. Its heavy-duty Twin Rail chassis can handle a payload of up to 2000 lbs (907 kg), making it ideal for moving dirt, logs, firewood, and other heavy materials around your property. 


What sets it apart from other trailers in its class is its innovative 3-mode design. It functions as a traditional dump trailer with features that make dumping more efficient, but unique Lift and Lock Folding Side panels allow it to convert into a logging trailer with side-loading capabilities. It also features a mid-point hook on the winch boom and an offset hinge point on the box, facilitating rear loading of larger objects like logs or large game. With these innovative features, the Multilander™ is perfect for a wide range of off-road tasks. 


The Multilander™ is an incredibly adaptable trailer that can handle a variety of tasks around your property. Its multiple modes make it a valuable addition to any off-road setup. 

Walking Beam
Wheels & Tires:
4 Bolts @ 4” [101.6 mm] & 23x10.5-12 Tires
Tire Pressure:
Refer to Tire
Trailer Ball Coupler:
2 in [50 mm] Pivot Hitch
Levelling Jacks:
1 Swivel Jack
Payload Capacity:
2000 lb [907 kg]
Overall Length:
133-1/16 in [3379 mm]
Overall Width:
47-⅞ in [1216 mm]
Overall Height:
62-5/16 in [1582 mm] MIN to 80-5/16 in [2039 mm] MAX
Box Dimensions:
80” [2032 mm] x 44” [1117.6 mm] x 19” [482.6 mm] (lower)
Product Weight:
685 lb [311 kg]
Shipping Weight:
826 lb [375 kg]
Tongue Weight:
82 lb [37 kg]
Box Volume:
31.8 cu ft [1.2 cu yd]
Dump Angle:
50 degrees