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Heavy Duty Sawmill Toolbox

$149.00 - $179.00
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    Designed to be attached to your Woodland Mills HM126, HM130, HM130MAX, and HM136MAX Sawmill. This heavy-duty steel toolbox was custom made with 1/8” (2mm) thick steel. Keep your spare parts and tools nearby and safe. Featuring four commercial grade hinges and two rubber draw latches. Simply remove the end bunk from your sawmill and replace it with the Woodland Mills Sawmill Toolbox.

    Fits all HM126, HM130 & HM130MAX, and HM136MAX ground mount and Woodlander™ trailer version sawmills.

    Product Dimensions:
    HM126/HM130: 8 x 26 3/8 x 6 inch (205 x 670 x 151 mm), HM130MAX: 8 x 32 7/8 x 6 inch (205 x 835 x 151 mm)
    HM126, HM130, HM130MAX Sawmills & HM126, HM130, HM130MAX Woodlander™
    Shipping Weight:
    30 lbs (14 kg)